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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goddamn, but it's been a while.

Despite best intentions and at least two New Year's resolutions, I've been puttering around for the last couple of years. I keep telling myself that I should be putting more words out into the universe, but I have this dreadful nihilistic belief that nothing that I say matters or is meaningful.

I should get over that.

I've repeatedly promised myself that I should endeavor to write about a thousand words a day if for no other reason than to keep my skills sharp. Sharp may be overselling me a bit. Maybe something along the lines of "slightly pointy" or "less dull than a pecan shell."  Besides, when was the last time I wrote an essay for something that wasn't school related?

How would you know? Why am I asking you?

Yes, there is certainly no small chance that I'm talking into the wind, but so what? I get a handy dandy little online journal in which I at least pretend to write to an audience. Couldn't hurt.

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